Monday, June 4

New Address

2451 N. Peterson Ct.
Louisville, KY 40206

Sorry for not posting...I think I overestimated the amount of time I would have. If you still check this, then accept my apologies :)

Friday, April 6

Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk

Joshua Radin, Me, and Schuyler Fisk
Last night I went to a was great, though I wish I could have heard more of it (that is a whole other story...) They graciously stayed around after the show to meet people and sign autographs. Sorry for the low-quality pic, my only camera was on my cell phone.
I may have gotten a little bit ridiculous in my excitement to meet Joshua...but, hey, I've been a fan for a while and after all that's what nights out are made for.
Anyway, if you haven't heard of these kids then you should make time to look them up!

Monday, April 2

Okay, here come some photos...

sorry for the lack of posting...grad school is hard and takes up a lot of time. still, i know, no excuse to let this become like some of our other friends' blogs....

spring in NC

Spring is here!! I love when the wind blows and you get sprinkled with the tiny white petals from these. Anyone know kind of tree this is?

are you kidding me barak?
Last weekend I went with my roommate to visit her boyfriend in NC, this is maybe the best picture he has ever taken :)
downtown Charlotte
we spent Sunday night exploring downtown Charlotte
downtown Charlotte
this building was my favorite...and turned out to be a parking garage. i guess i've got good taste ;)

Louisville sunset

Louisville sunset

Carrie, Chandler, & Bethany
Our friend Chandler (middle w/the crown) had a birthday...we went to a local pizzeria then finished up the night with some dominant Karoke
this is Bekah & Donald singing:
"who's bed have your boots been under?"

sweet Chevy Impala

At the end of February my roommate Carrie & I went to VA for a conference. We got to see some friends, eat some good food, and learn some useful stuff. We tried to fly home, but it became clear that they were never going to let us do we rented a car. But not just any car, we got this sweet Chevy Impala! The drive took 9 hours, but took us through lots of mountains and tree covered countryside. We didn't have a map or music...but made it just fine. Yay for spontaneous roadtrips.

Wednesday, February 28

Ava Nicole

I'm an aunt!! This is my precious niece...I can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, February 15


My friend Barak made a should check it out by clicking here!

Dress up day!

dress up day
Monday morning (starting at 6:30am) was dress up day at work...Billy wore a clip-on bowtie, while I stuck with the trusty tiara. The customers smiled, usually a confused smile, but nonethless I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.
(Lest you get confused...I am wearing a headset b/c our coffeehouse has a drive thru, I am not auditioning for anything or sporting the hugest blue tooth ever...)

Wednesday, February 7

I just work and go to school now.
That is all.
I do have friends.
Sometimes we drive to see shows.
Like this one in Nashville.
Dave Barnes
Dave Barnes is fun.
You want me to make you some coffee?

Thursday, January 25

has turning your sandwich over ever made it taste better / different?
it happened to me today and i just want to know that i am not alone.

Wednesday, January 24

sandwich shop

apparently they just give away FREE SMELLS!
I gotta try this place soon...

Tuesday, January 23

Java Brewing Co.

It's official.
As of 11:15am...I am a barista.
Work begins on Thursday.

Wednesday, January 17

the latest...

This post comes to you from "Java Brewing Company: when ordinary brew won't do" who just gives out Wi-fi and good times. Some highlights of the past week are:

1. I like Louisville, KY! I guess that could be the summary of what is to come, but that is the biggest thing you should know.
2. I saw George Went in 12 Angry Men last Friday night at the Palace Theatre in downtown with 3 people I hardly know. It was intense and impressive. I am sad to report that Mr. Went has continued gaining weight since his memorable role on Cheers...but he remains a gifted performer.
3. I visited two churches on Sunday. Yes, this does make me super Holy. That being said, I am finding out that picking a church to join is going to be a difficult decision because of the fact that all of them have Seminary professors on staff = they are quality.
4. I am making new friends. The majority of them are boys, by default because there are simply more of them here than girls....but I think that our experiences here will breed quality friendships. This guy...
100_5807 addition to being entertaining and a live-music resource, got me a job interview at afore mentioned coffee shop where he works!
5. I found a sofa & dining room table for a total of $30! When I was in Indiana this weekend (just across the river, it has the closest Super Wal-Mart & Hobby Lobby) I found a Goodwill and hit the jackpot. Both are installed in our apartment and are already smell free thanks to some industrial strength Arm & Hammer.

Sunday, January 14

Send me mail!

Bethany Reese
Box 159
2825 Lexington Rd.
Louisville, KY 40280

Thursday, January 11


It's official....I am a resident of Louisville, KY!
After a two day drive, an overnight in Cuba (Missouri that is), two storms with snow flurries, and a treacherous highway change in St. Louis; I arrived and am all moved in to Fuller Hall! I don't yet know exactly how you can send me mail (I have a box, but am not certain on the particulars for addressing things)...but I do have a new home phone number: (502) 897-4378 (my cell will stay the same)
So, the adventure has begun. Mom & Dad just left and now all I have to do is get a job and figure out how to make it here...stay tuned for how that goes :) Let me hear from you sometime!


So, these past few weeks I have been going through all my suff and cleaning out in preparation to move (more info about that to come...) I came across a lot of things that recalled fond memories, a few things I could no longer remember their significance, and a few that just made me smile...but there was one item that really takes top honors as the most ridiculous thing in my possession. Pictured below are my Monopoly Pants!! My mother assures me that they were at one time quite the thing to own, and additionally that they were not cheap...nevertheless, today they are ridiculous and merit a good laugh!
$ pants
Aaron Duran, would you like me to send them your way since Monopoly is your favorite game? It would be no trouble at all....

Wednesday, December 27

Congrats to The Langstons

The Langstons
This is what we woke up to on the 20th...
winter wonderland
winter wonderland
winter wonderland

Wednesday, December 20

"Oh the weather outside is frightfull..."

There is a crazy winter storm of rain, ice, sleet, and snow outside. We are supposed to loose power sometime soon because of all the buildup on the powerlines.
I just hope it does not delay my flight to Dallas tomorrow (for a Texas dinner with Parisian friends)...or my flight to New Orleans on Thursday (for the Langston wedding)...or my return home on Saturday.
Hope you have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

braxton & madeline

braxton and madeline
last night I hung out with these kids while there parents got some shopping done. the quote of the night: "I will be the sheriff and you princesses (myself & Madeleine who had been told to dress up) will be my HONEYS" ~Braxton

Saturday, December 9

A few highlights of Texas....

Seeing Melissa
Finally meeting Josiah Supercinski
Josiah Supercinski
(and seeing his parents, of course)
The Supercinskis
Catching up with The Hoovers, and finally meeting Reese
(I know, I am so proud of the name!)
Reese Hoover
Dinner with good guy friends
Micah, Andrew & Curtis
Visting The Nuckols just before Karis is introduced to the world
lacy and adam (and karis)
Seeing this Famous work by A. Nuckols,
which is finally on display just outside of Houston, TX
Anticipation by A. Nuckols
Meeting beautiful Ella Douglass (and having dinner with her parents)
Ella Douglass
Time with my favorite family in Wichita Falls, The Durans
Aaron, Erin & Jack Duran

(disclaimer: many of you are not pictured, and that in no way reflects any less joy I have had in seeing you or talking with you on the phone...just calm down, your turn will come.)

Wednesday, December 6

"back to school, back to school..."

I'm going to continue blogging. This has worked for me since 2004, so I plan to continue sharing my thoughts, pictures and stories. I guess the biggest change you can prepare yourself for is the fact that I no longer live in France. The banner simply specifies "this is the life of Bethany" stay tuned for what that means now.
What's next for me?
Well, I am moving to Kentucky in January to start my Masters at Southern. I actually already registered for classes. Crazy. I'm still waiting for some financial aid to come through, but am trusting that all the details will work out.

What am I doing until then?
Well after I moved home, caught up on sleep, and got over all the oddities of life in America, I realized I was bored. Thankfully, a good friend of mine called and asked me to come work for him. So, I am now working fullish time at a job I would do for free with some great friends. It is also nice to be home for the holidays. Christmas the last two years has been a good experience for me, but nothing compares to family traditions and time at home.

Anyway, I basically wanted to say, thanks for reading and for continuing to being my friend (in the event that you are not a random internet stalker). I hope you will continue to read and share your comments and critiques along the way. I vow to try and keep things interesting...with perhaps just a bit more southern flava ;)